INTENZE Tattoo Safe Guard

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Exclusive Care Immediately After Tattooing

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INTENZE Tattoo Safe Guard is an innovative INTENZE aftercare cream recommended by doctors for treating freshly and healed tattooed skin. This cream was developed by European pharmacists and doctors to penetrate deeply into the skin and supports a safer healing process for the skin. The benefits of this new product are essential for an optimal healing process and for ensuring the best quality appearance of the tattoos.

If tattooed skin, which can be considered an open wound during the healing process, is not taken care for properly and excess fluids in the skin are not washed or withdrawn from the skin in time and with correct methods, the color pigmentation will be flushed out in the tattoos and thus the original color intensity will be lost. INTENZE Tattoo Safe Guard was developed in order to remedy this, so that there is a perfect interaction between the ingredients of the cream and the color pigmentation of the tattoos. Tattoo Safe Guard ensures that the colors are not changed and are instead supported by the aftercare cream being applied to the skin.

Special Effects of theë_Cream

  • Moisturizes
  • Dermatologically approved
  • Protects color pigmentation
  • Soothes the skin with panthenol, aloe vera, vitamin E, and ingredients which do not alter the color
  • 100% Free of PEG, Parabens, and aluminum
  • Absolutely zero animal testing


INTENZE Tattoo Safe Guard was thoroughly tested by a doctor of the European Society on Tattoo and Pigment research (ESTP), with freshly tattooed volunteers, under optimal care conditions.


All ingredients as well as the complete production process are documented and certified. The complete production and control is carried out in Germany.

Available for purchase in individual 100ml tubes.

Product Quality

REACH Certificates

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