INTENZE Antibacterial Barrier

Size: 1 Roll (6" x 11 yard)
(plus taxes)


Advanced Tattoo Protection

Latex Free

INTENZE Antibacterial Barrier is specially designed to provide a moist healing environment during the initial, and most critical, healing stage of a tattoo wound.

  • Acting as a barrier against dirt, bacteria, and abrasion, INTENZE Antibacterial Barrier promotes a comfortable, hygienic healing process free of scabbing or scarring.
  • The layer of the matte PU, which is the part of the bandage that remains on and protects the skin after tattooing, allows for optimal breathability and ductility.
  • INTENZE Antibacterial Barrier is light, FLEXIBLE, and stretchable which allows free movement without damaging the film.
  • INTENZE Antibacterial Barrier is available in roll and sheets.
For use after tattoo procedures. Transparent matte film adhesive bandage. Waterproof and permeable for breathability. 3 year validity

1 Roll, Specs:

10mt x 15cm,

6" x 11 Yards

1 Pack, Specs:

5 Sheets, 6" x 4" ea.

10 Pack, Specs:

50 Sheets, 6" x 4" ea.

Product Quality

REACH Certificates

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