Intenze GEN-Z Power Grey Set by Angelina Mengel/Marco Klose

2023 REACH Compliant Ink

Size: Net 1 oz (29.6ml)
(plus taxes)


All colors of the Set are also available as single Bottles!
INTENZE is proud to partner with two of the world's greatest artists, Marco Klose and Angelina Mengel, to create the Gen-Z Power Grey Set. This set is formulated explicitly by Marco and Angelina to be everything you'll need to create smooth perfection in the skin.

The warm and cool greys are perfect for creating depth and detail in any skin type. It will elevate your work and always leave you with a satisfied client.

🌟 Key Features of the Intenze Power Grey Tattoo Ink Set: 🌟

  • Gen-Z Reach compliant and certified by CTL laboratory in Germany.
  • Stunning collection of grey shades.
  • Vibrant pigments for soft and subtle or bold and eye-catching results.
  • Smooth and consistent consistency for flawless application.
  • High-quality, safe, and trusted by professionals.

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to elevate your tattooing game with the Intenze Gen-Z Power grey tattoo Ink Set. Add this set to your collection today and unlock a world of enchanting possibilities.

This set includes: Coal, Lamp Black, Graphite, Retro, Slate, Grandpa Grey, Costa White, Special Shading Solution


REACH Compliant Tattoo Ink

* Bottles, Caps, and Seals may vary

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REACH Certificates

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