Advanced Tattoo Skin Care

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Intenze Advanced Tattoo Skin Care is the Artists' & Clients' Number One choice. It is the most advanced tattoo cream available today. Top EU scientists have developed this unique formula to support the skin during and after tattooing. The skin care cream helps tattoo artists achieve better results and improve the healing experience for their clients.

The application is easy and effective. The cream is formulated to work flawlessly with the skin, ensuring that the tattooing process is as smooth and pain-free as possible. The cream also helps to reduce redness and inflammation, making it an essential part of any tattoo artist's toolkit. 

The primary function of Intenze Advanced Tattoo Skin Care is to support the skin during and after the tattooing process. It also helps promote healing and reduce scarring, ensuring clients have beautiful, vibrant tattoos. 

Subtle and refreshing, making it a pleasure to use. The cream is available in a single six-ounce jar or 12 jars per case, making it easy for tattoo artists to keep a steady supply on hand.

Please note case turns in to a store display for easy setup and sales.

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