Here’s what fans and fellow tattoo artists are saying about INTENZE tattoo ink.

People talk.  Everyone loves a good tattoo story; how it feels when it goes into the skin, what part of the body hurts the most, why someone got a certain tattoo and what does it mean to them?  It is an ongoing storytelling culture and we encourage our fans and clients to spread the word far and wide about INTENZE tattoo ink.  We love to hear a client admire the way their tattoo healed, or how piercing the blue tattoo ink is in eyes of the color portrait of someone’s son. This type of dialogue also helps us to continuously improve our product.

Feedback from artists who use our color tattoo ink is some of the most valuable information we could get our hands on.  We encourage our artists to take our color tattoo inks and push them to the limits, to always try new things and demand more of us. This keeps INTENZE on the forefront of the tattoo ink business and the tattoo industry.  It keeps us sharp and improves what we do.  For this reason we wanted to share some testimonials here.  Stories from tattoo artists and clients alike sharing tattoo ink reviews and what it is they love about INTENZE the most.

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