Safety Was Always Our #1 Goal

It was INTENZE who was the first tattoo ink manufacturer to sterilize tattoo ink and raise the industry’s health standards to new heights. Using the cosmetics industry as a guide, INTENZE became registered and licensed as a cosmetics manufacturer under the New Jersey Board of Health in the United States and became compliant with all EU quality standards. We continue to raise the bar when it comes to these standards, and we offer consultation and advice in amongst our industry to ensure we are all moving forward together. You can learn more about our company history on this page.

After years of research and experimentation, it upset Mario Barth (founder of INTENZE) that there weren’t any rules or regulations for his industry by which products should be manufactured by. Mario Barth could not find any regulations, and he decided he would test the inks out on himself; he created every scenario he could think of to test the ink on actual skin, in order to discover and establish those regulations for his industry. Some of these tests involved deliberately avoiding proper cleaning procedures, just so he could better understand the risks and improve on the safety of his ink. INTENZE tattoo ink had to be the safest and best product for the industry out there, no matter what it took.

It was INTENZE that set the standards for the rest of the tattoo industry today.

How Does INTENZE Look Out For You?

INTENZE employs a third party lab of qualified biochemists who are in charge of the testing and sterilization of INTENZE tattoo inks, and they keep our equipment and technology up to date so that we are always on the forefront of safety and hygiene when it comes to our inks. INTENZE sterilizes every single bottle of ink that we produce before it is sold to anyone. We are constantly looking for better and more efficient ways of stepping up the standards-game when it comes to our tattoo inks.

INTENZE was the first tattoo ink manufacturer to publicly disclose the ingredients in each one of the tattoo inks it produces. This information will allow customers and artists to know exactly what INTENZE inks are made with. To see all of this information online, you can visit our Material Safety Data Sheets page and our CTL Certificates page and view in-depth reports of the ingredients and other vital information pertaining to health and safety.

INTENZE ink is also a 100% vegan product. Some competitor tattoo ink most likely contains animal products. Some competitor inks may have even been tested on animals during production! In fact, your common black tattoo ink has been known to consist of crushed animal bone. Commonly, black tattoo ink was made with crushed animal bones. Even some types of glycerins in solutions that are mixed into some tattoo ink include animal fats. But INTENZE ink contains zero animal products, and absolutely never tests on animals — we don’t even test on other human beings. We only test on ourselves.

Look Out For Your Skin

It’s your body and skin. The ink you implement into your skin will stay with you forever and will become a part of you. That’s why the safety and health of the tattoo ink you use MUST be a necessary concern for you, and why INTENZE makes it our #1 goal to ensure the quality and safety of our inks not only meets global health standards, but continues to innovate.

If you have any questions on safety, health, tips on maintaining tattoos, tattooing, or anything else that is mentioned on this page, do not hesitate to reach out at We are obligated to keeping you safe, healthy, and make it our mission to keep the world of tattooing a friendly and welcoming environment for all.