Marek Pawlik


"I turned myself into a monster, to fight against the monsters of the world."



November 17

Tattoo Styles

Color Realism


Career Start


Home Base

New York/ California

I was born in Silesia, Poland in 1978. Ever since I left school I wanted to be a tattooer.
I always knew I can make it. There was no YouTube shorts and articles about tattooing that time, so it was a long bridge to cross and a long way to walk but I was determined to get the knowledge.
First I've started with home experiments. Later - in 1998 I've opened one of the first professional tattoo Studio in my region - Sauron Tattoo Studio.

I've been going to international tattoo conventions since 2000. I have won more than 90 prizes and feel satisfied with my work being recognized.To improve my work I constantly travel and share my
opinion and experience with other professionals.

The whole time I discover new ways of expressing myself through art and drawing. In my mind tattooing is not only studio management and work - it's the way of living, it's fun, it's fulfillment,
but above all - it's passion.