Anjelika Kartasheva


"Live and Win"



August 18th

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Moscow, Russia

My beautiful story began back in childhood, when I fell in love with drawing and loved to engage in various types of creativity. Back in 2007, I met with tattoo art, and this love continues to this day. Tattoo at that time culture in Russia was just beginning to reach a professional level, but even then I set for myself only the highest bar.

In 2016, a cool time came and painstaking work continued. Which first led to the opening of his own studio FABRIK13, then to participate in the largest tattoos world conventions (Milan, Moscow, Berlin, Las Vega, New York, New Jersey, Venice, etc.). To date, 91 international awards have already gathered in my piggy bank.

My tattoo family has become more and more every year, and I infinitely glad. Over the past 4 years, I fell into the prototype of such giants of tattoos- industries like: Intenze Ink, Cheyenne, SullenArt, DermolizePro, Stencil Forte and H2Ocean and I consider them my second family, as these are infinitely kind and helpful people, who come to the rescue and always support me. I can talk about them a lot, but someday I’ll write a book about it and give these people a huge the number of sheets in it.

Tattoo art for me is a kind of hybrid of love, aspiration and constant cultivation towards an ideal that I have not yet achieved. Very important to me make tattoos are not monotonous, so I choose a lot of styles and now it’s very I experiment a lot, because I want to leave my unique style and mark on the skin
people for life.