19 Color Tattoo Ink Set

Size: 1 Oz
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"This ink color set gives you all the basic/ essential/ necessity colors you need for making tattoos. All these inks are very bright and very vivid. INTENZE color inks will exceed your expectations. well, if you expect the best, this will meet your expectations." Jonathan, Tattoo Artist 

"I do love Intenze ink. My priority is to satisfy the clients, and I do it with INTENZE ink. when I started using this ink for cover-up, I was so amazed by the quality that I never stopped using it." Rogers, Tattoo Artist

The 19 color set includes all the essential colors:

  • Snow White Mixing
  • Light Purple
  • Snow White Opaque
  • Dark Purple
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Mario's Blue
  • Golden Yellow
  • Mario's Light Blue
  • Soft Orange
  • Light Green
  • Hard Orange
  • Dark Green
  • Bright Red
  • Dark Brown
  • Dark Red
  • Light brown
  • True Magenta
  • True Black
  • Light Magenta

All our pigments are vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

* Bottles Caps and Seals may vary

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