GEN-Z Bob Tyrrell unmatched Advanced Black and Grey Tattoo Ink Set

REACH Compliant Ink

Size: Net 1 oz (29.6ml)
(plus taxes)


All colors of the Set are also available as single Bottles!

Learn to tattoo like black and grey master Bob Tyrrell with this set! Watch our full tutorial video above and discover how Bob Tyrrell achieves his brilliant style with this set.

INTENZE has collaborated with Bob Tyrrell to bring you the latest iteration of the Black and Grey ink set. We've updated the original offering to include the newest Black and Grey tattooing innovations. This set is necessary and covers black, grey, and white ink tones.

Better than anyone, Bob Tyrrell knows that working with the correct values leads to infinite possibilities. It's how he's redefined portrait work. Armed with his signature black and grey set, you'll have the tools to blend, contrast, and create work that captures life with detail and clarity. Designed with the values he uses every day and with the most advanced ink available, Bob Tyrrell's Black and Grey Set gives you everything you need to take your work to a higher level.

With clarity, realism, and value in mind, INTENZE and Bob Tyrrell feel a strong sense of accomplishment with this product. We are confident that you will notice what makes this product superior.

Each bottle of Intenze Gen-Z Reach Compliant Tattoo Ink is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance. The pigments are vibrant, allowing you to create soft and subtle color gradients or bold, eye-catching accents. With a smooth and consistent consistency, these inks flow effortlessly, ensuring flawless application and captivating results.

Bob Tyrrell's Advanced Black and Grey Set come with six 1 oz. Tattoo inks.

REACH Compliant Tattoo Ink

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