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Here are some of the questions you can expect from this FREE training video series:

  • What's your creative process? How do you break up the process in your mind?
  • What products do you use to apply the stencil to the skin? Why do you use those products?
  • What types of needles did you use? Do you use certain needles at certain parts of a tattoo?
  • How many times can you pass over the same area without overworking the skin?
  • How do you re-place a stencil if you have to break the session?

This is only scratching the surface of what the video has to offer. There is a ton of value in this training video, so don't wait and watch it now!

Steve Butcher Training Video Series:


INTENZE Artist Steve Butcher has proven himself to be one of the greatest tattoo artists in the world. His realism and detailed tattoo style has set his tattoos out from the rest. We are proud to announce that Steve and INTENZE have partnered up to bring you 24 all new colors. These colors will help to transform your work and give you the tools that you need to become a master at your craft.

Steve Butcher 24 Color Set includes: Stone Cold, Muse, Light Khaki, Hardwood, Cold Blooded, Championship Yellow, Raw Flesh Dark, Mamba Skin Light, Mamba Blood, Lake Show, Raw Flesh Medium, Purple Haze, Medium Khaki, Hot Handed, Dark Steel, Yellow Sand, Raw Flesh Light, Mamba Skin Medium, Green Gold, Dark Khaki, Champagne, Army Grey, Warm Skin and Mamba Skin Dark.

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