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Healthy skin is essential in getting a quality tattoo. No matter the skill of the artist, if your body doesn't heal right, your tattoo WILL suffer.

Vita Tat is a revolutionary and innovative new product developed by pharmacists that gives your skin exactly what it needs to heal its best. As the industry's FIRST and ONLY tattoo multi-vitamin, mineral, and botanical supplement capsule, it provides your skin specifically targeted vitamins and minerals to aid in the creation and reparation of new skin cells, making it a more advanced and efficient product than one that you might apply directly to the skin.

Vita Tat will not only help your skin heal and hold the vibrancy of the tattoo, but will also prepare your skin before and after the tattooing or piercing process by thickening the skin.

Each bottle contains 60 _ÑÓ 0.02 oz (659mg) Capsules. Check with your primary health care provider before use.

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